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Oil Pump Drive Gear For 2L Stroker Conversion using Fsi Crankshaft Crank Sensor Trigger Wheel for 2.1L 1.8T Stroker 1.8t 20v 2.1L Stroker Kit (06a) Bring Your Own Crank
Oil Pump Drive Gear For 2L Stroker Conversion using Fsi Crankshaft
List Price: $87.38
Our Price: $42.99
Save $44.39!
Crank Sensor Trigger Wheel for 2.1L 1.8T Stroker
List Price: $79.99
Our Price: $57.99
Save $22.00!
This gear is essential when building a 2L stroker conversion for a 1.8t using the factory 2.0 FSi Forged Crankshaft. Installation is the same as the factory piece, pull the FSi one off using a 3 jaw puller, heat the new one until very hot with a torch, and then simply slide into place on the crank snout. The large chamfer on the inside diameter goes on the "inside" facing the cylinders.

Made from high strength, carburized (hardened) steel.
Converts any 2.0 FSI crankshaft for 1.8t (2L) usage.
Inside diameter honed to exacting tolerances of .0005"
Fits 06A (all transverse, 2000+ longitudinal) 1.8t's using 2.0 FSI Crankshaft
A must when sourcing a crank used or from a discount supplier.

We have hunted down the correct trigger wheels to use when stroking a 1.8T engine with a 1.9L TDI crankshaft. These are brand new parts directly from Volkswagen. Bolting this to a TDI crank will make the TDI crank a direct fit into 1.8T engines.

Includes 3 new bolts

For use with 06A blocks only
This stroker kit features a set of IE 20mm rods, custom JE pistons, and a specially modified drive pulley. This kit is "Bring your own crank" (BYOC), in that you need to source a MK4 TDI Turbodiesel crankshaft to go with it. We refuse to track them down and then charge rediculous rates to include them. It utilizes an 83mm bore JE piston to achieve 2067CC displacement. This is a very robust setup which is an upgrade from standard 1.8t parts in every way. It provides quicker spool, more torque off boost, and more power and torque per pound of boost. You will lower cylinder pressures at a given output, allowing you to stretch low octane pump gas (91-94 octane) further, making your car that much more of a serious contender on your day to day pump fuel. This kit allows the end user to quickly install a 2067cc stroker kit in any standard 06a block. The installation is no different then a standard rod and piston combination... Bore the motor to match the pistons using a torque plate, then build the motor as normal using the provided rods, pistons, timing belt pulley and a TDI crankshaft. Absolutely no grinding or other hassle is required!

Specially modified timing belt pulley is included to make it a plug & play kit.
JE 83mm Compression forged pistons
Compression ratio: 8.5:1, 9.5:1
20mm Wrist pin Integrated Engineering Rods
Fits 06A (all transverse, 2000+ longitudal) 1.8t's
NO grinding or clearancing required
Requires a MK4 TDI Crankshaft.

Required Crankshaft Part #038 105 021 E or equivalent.