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ATP VR6 12v Turbo Manifold ATP Turbo Manifold for 2002 to 2005 24V VR6 FWD and 3.2L R32 AWD
ATP VR6 12v Turbo Manifold
Our Price: $380.99
ATP cast VR6 manifold designed for T3, T3/T4 or T04 turbo applications. Will work for both MK3 and MK4 VR6 cars. Hi-temp material and thick walls prevent cracking under severe heat. Pricisely tapped for M8 x 1.25 for the 2 bolt wastegate flange and threaded M10 x 1.5 for both T3 and T04 bolt patterns. ** External wastegate flange can be blocked off with blockoff flange if using this manifold for internally wastegated setups Turbo Manifold for the 24V version of the VR6 engine found in selected Front Wheel Drive models Golf/Jetta/GTI/GLI (in model year 2002 through 2005) as well as the MKIV R32 3.2L, Manifold is both T3 and T4 flanged for a wide range of Garrett turbos such as T3/T4, T04, GT3071R, GT3076R, GT3582R, and has plenty of room to run the 700 to 800HP GT4088R/GT4094R series turbos. Manifold is also appropriately equipped with the Tial 44mm V-band flange if you're using an external wastegate. Turbo placement is underside and the stock heatshield can be retained to keep heat away from the delicate intake manifold. Just notch the shield slightly to clear the Tial 44mm external gate. This manifold is left hand drive compatible as well as right hand drive compatible.